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Workshop 01 300In 1969, I established my furniture restoration buiness. Located in San Diego, California, Antique Refinishers Inc. provides restoration and conservation of pre-industrial and European furniture for private collectors, dealers and institutions.

As a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, all work performed at Antique Refinishers Inc. follows the Code of Ethics and Guidelines in AIC.

Specialties include services in 18th century French Marquetry, French mounts, traditional veneer techniques, Finish Conservation, horse-hair hand sewn upholstery, cabinetmaking and chairmaking "at the bench", hand-made re-creation of period furniture styles, consulting and authentification.

Antique Refinishers Inc. also produce and sell an organic Liquid Protein Hide Glue, "Old Brown Glue".

wooden clamps 500How do we treat cultural objects which have survived generations of changing taste? Are we simply custodians, and, if so, what is our role in their survival for future generations to appreciate and enjoy?

Conservators are like doctors in that they are supposed to "do no harm." Unlike doctors, we are also obliged to not remove original material. Conservation means conserving. That said, sometimes it is necessary to make difficult decisions to do invasive work for the survival of the object. In that case, the conservator becomes a restorer. Restorationis necessary when a part of the object has become damaged beyond repair, by bugs, rot or accident. Restoration must be as authentic as possible, but not with any suspicion of "faking." It is a challenging job.

 Further aspect of my philosophy are expressed in articles and publications or my blog.