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IMG 0030I am available for a wide variety of consulting services to assist in the evaluation of antique furniture. My expertise in pre-industrial European and American furniture qualifies me to assist collectors and appraisers in this field.

A "condition reports" can be produced that details structural or decorative repairs or modifications which directly affect value. I can provide "authentification reports" which include age dating of wood certificates using molecular spectroscopy. For this service, I use Dr. Peter Matthaes, in Milan, Italy.

This authentification and condition services are widely used in asserting the value and quality of ones collection but also in "pre-purchase" consulting for collectors, investors and designers, so prospective purchases are made with confidence and full disclosure of all facts necessary to make an informed decision.

IMG 0080My expertise is built over 40 years of experience in the antique decorative art restoration, conservation and preservation of pre-industrial European and American furniture.

I also perform "shopping" for client in Europe where our relationship with antique dealers allows me to act as borker or "chineur" to ensure your investment is actually made on real valuable antique items.

I have an extensive series of prepared lectures in the Decorative Arts field, including the popular "When is a Fake Antique?".

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Feel free to view my biography or my curriculum vitae detailing my background.