W. Patrick Edwards

Boy With Hammer

"Ici nous sauvons le passé pour le futur"

"Here we save the past for the future"


My 45 years love affair with wood and furniture has led me on a facsinating quest of discovery. This pursuit has allowed me to continually explore and evolve in the world of conservation, creation, teaching, consulting and cultivate a passionate appreciation of pre-industrial furniture.

With the millennium I realize that 18th century is rapidely disappearing in the past and the process of working by hand is in danger of being forgotten. The wisdom and experience of the masters with whom I have studied must be passed on.


Patrick owns a succesful restoration and furniture making company Antique Refinishers, Inc since 1969.

In the spirit of sharing the knowledge I have been lucky to gather during my career, I opened in 2000 the American School of French Marquetry to share what I learn in Paris at the Ecolle Boulle and share it with my fellow american woodworkers.

I also created Old Brown Glue, an organic liquid hide glue, easier to use than the traditional hot hide glue, to encourage everyone to use this traditioal yet green and modern glue.


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